COVID 19 Safety Measures

New COVID 19 Protocol Safety Measures for Optique Boutique 20/20

Safety measures for employees:

  1. All staff will be using masks
  2. Breath Shield dividers will be installed on front counters (two for each counter)
  3. Social distancing of employees
  4. Exam room chairs, counters, knobs, door handles and any instruments used will be disinfected after each patient.
  5. We will be limiting the financial transactions with the patients with a clear box for credit cards to minimize human contact.
  6. We will be checking temperatures daily of all employees.
  7. Hand sanitizer will be readily available
  8. Frequent hand washing is strongly recommended
  9. Gloves will be available for direct patient contact.
  10. We are installing UV air purifiers throughout the office.

Safety measures for patients:

  1. Patients will be required to wear masks
  2. If patients do not have a mask we will provide a mask for the patient.
  3. We will check patients’ temperature upon entering the office.  If their temperature is above 100.4 we will not see the patient.
  4. We will have each patient either use hand sanitizer or wash their hands after entering the office.
  5. Scheduling will address the need for social distancing.
  6. Any frame tried on by a patient will be properly cleaned and therefore disinfected before being returned to the frame board.
  7. We will also have more frequent disinfecting of the restroom.

  We will be instituting CDC recommendations for COVID 19.

  We are going above and beyond the CDC guidelines for the utmost safety of our patients and staff.