Vision Care & Products

Optique Boutique 20/20 has a variety of state of the art vision care products and services. To learn more about the products we offer and the conditions we treat, please choose from the headings below and schedule an appointment with Dr. Treski at Optique Boutique 20/20.


Lenses and Frames
Optique Boutique 20/20 has the newest innovations in lenses and latest styles of frames.

Contact Lenses
Assess the different types of contact lenses available to you at Optique Boutique 20/20 including the one day contact lenses.

Eye Conditions and Diseases
Dr. Treski diagnoses, evaluates, and treats a variety of ocular conditions and diseases.

Dry Eye
Dr. Treski has a particular interest in dry eye disease and its management. Take the quiz and see if you qualify for a dry eye workup.

Vision Correction
An overview of the four basic types of refractive conditions.

The Importance of Yearly Eye Examinations
A comprehensive routine eye exam is vital in evaluating and maintaining your eyes’ health through the detection, prevention and treatment of vision disorders.