Lenses and Frames

A brief description of the types of lenses and variety of frames Optique Boutique 20/20 has to offer.

Selecting your eyeglass frames and lenses is a very personal choice. With today’s technology there is a wide variety of options to choose from that will not only fit your medical needs, but also indulge your unique fashion style and senses. Our emphasis is on you, whether your desires are classic or contemporary, timeless or au courant. At Optique Boutique 20/20 we have the brands and styles to give you that new look to turn heads!

Enhance your features and find the perfect frame to fit your unique personality and style. Each frame features subtle and sophisticated details in materials, fit and proportion that makes each frame delightfully distinctive, from the features of color and design, to the Italian and French accents or the functionality of Austrian engineered hinges. Play with color, and sharpen your vision to better experience life’s daily activities or its tapestry of memorable indulgences. Whether you’re reading, driving, exploring nature’s wonders or playing sports, you deserve to experience every detail in crystal clear clarity. With so many choices available, selecting the right pair of eyeglasses can be difficult without the right guidance or information. Optique Boutique 20/20 makes your choice simple.


Materials, designs, and coatings are the three elements that make up a pair of prescription lenses. It is important to select the right combinations between these elements to meet your individual needs. Always consult an eye care professional to garner the necessary information and guidance to help select the right choice for you.

The expert staff at Optique Boutique 20/20 will consider long-term wearing comfort, function and fashion when assisting you in the selection of a new pair of eyeglasses. The eyeglasses become as special as the person wearing them.

Optique Boutique 20/20 offers a range of lenses from single vision optical lenses, to high quality "High Definition" digital progressive lenses. To make you look just right with comfort and style, we offer "super thin" lenses for the most discerning tastes. Our highly qualified optician is also well educated in the newest computer enhanced lenses to reduce eyestrain and fatigue.

Frame Styles

Selecting the right frame that’s just right for you can become daunting without proper assistance. When choosing a frame, the color and shape of the frame should enhance the color of your eyes, complement your skin tone and flatter the best features of the shape of your face. The essence of who you are will be best revealed by your choice.

Our many different lifestyles often create different needs to be considered in the eyewear we choose. The type of work we do and the various kinds of outdoor activities that we enjoy, creates a need for many of us to have more than one pair of glasses. Having a different style frame for different activities and moods makes wearing glasses more fun and practical for any situation that we may find ourselves.

We invite you to visit our beautiful optical boutique and choose from the latest in fashion eyewear, sunglasses and sports goggles, providing added convenience to your experience.

We carry both affordable and luxury frames such as Kate Spade, Bebe, Salvatore Ferragamo, Prada, Calvin Klein, Silhouette, Oakley, Nike and many more! Our highly trained staff remains committed to serving you and your family. In addition, our on site lab can care for all your eyeglass and contact lens prescription needs and offers enhancements like Transitions, Anti-reflective lenses, Polarized sunglasses and HD lenses to help improve your vision.


Sunglasses provide a wide variety of lens options available, which can be customized to fit your own needs. Many sunglasses can be made with your prescription and still provide the necessary protection against the sun’s assault upon your eye health. At Optique Boutique 20/20 performance, your personal comfort and style is always emphasized. Sunglasses protect your eyes from harmful ultraviolet (UV) radiation, which is present even on cloudy days. Quality sunwear provides 100 percent UV protection that can significantly reduce the risk of vision problems caused by sunlight, such as macular damage and cataracts. Glare is also an issue that makes it difficult to see objects clearly by causing the colors and details to fade. Polarized lenses eliminate the amount of reflecting light that enters the eye which not only reduces the glare, but also helps make images appear sharper and clearer, increasing visual clarity and comfort. The world and all its beauty looks much different through polarized lenses. Colors become bolder, deeper and richer, and details are clearer and more distinct. Polarized lenses also help reduce squinting, which, in turn, reduces eye strain, fatigue, eye tension and those happy lines around our eyes. Enhance your clarity and contrast for sharper crystal clear views, with a new pair of polarized lenses.

Anti-Reflective Lenses

Wearers of prescription eyeglasses and sunglasses commonly encounter annoying reflections and glare caused by light reflecting off their lenses. This glare is especially bothersome at night, making it more difficult to see. Reflective glare at night can especially be dangerous when driving. Anti-reflective lenses reduce these annoying and dangerous reflections, allowing more light to enter your eyes providing clearer and more distinct vision.

All lens surfaces naturally reflect light and this reflection can reduce between 7 to 14 percent of the light needed for optimal vision. Wearing eyeglasses without AR lenses is like trying to read a book in a dimly lit room. Since AR lenses allow more light to reach your eyes by reducing reflections, it’s like turning up the lights in a room, making it easier to see and details more vividly pronounced.

Choosing the right frame and lenses to complement your face and suit your individual needs is a very personal choice. Our experienced optician will be happy to help and guide you with the personal attention that you deserve, in finding the frame that best compliments the real you.

Call (609) 882-2020 to make an appointment for a comprehensive eye examination or just bring in your existing prescription to experience the personal attention that you deserve. Building a foundation of trust by treating our patients as special individuals is vital to our success. We want your visit to Optique Boutique 20/20 to be a positive experience. Our mission is to gain your trust and allowing us to maintain your eye health for many years to come.

These are some of the brands whose frames we carry:

Kate sSpade

Salvatore Ferragamo


Silhouette International





Giorgio Valmassoi, Occhiali 1971

Nike Vision

Calvin Klein eyewear

Giorgio Armani

Cole Haan

Dolce & Gabbana

Flexon Collection

Joseph Abboud


Anne Klein


Liberty Sport